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Press releases, September 16, 2021

European press publishers call on European Commission to stay strong on implementation of Recommendations

Events, August 29, 2021

Webinar on the Digital Markets Act: Perspectives from the European Media Sector

Press releases, July 27, 2021

European news media asks Member States to transpose smart copyright rules

NME news, June 22, 2021

European media call on policymakers to further strengthen the Digital Services Act and to ensure that citizens can continue to engage online with the media they most trust and value

Press releases, June 22, 2021

European press publishers encouraged by EU antitrust probe into Google ad-tech

Press releases, June 7, 2021

European publishers slam delays in implementation of Copyright Directive

Press releases, May 26, 2021

European press publishers insist on press freedom safeguards in the reviewed Disinformation Code of Practice

NME news, May 26, 2021

European Media issue joint statement on the Digital Markets Act

NME news, May 20, 2021

News Media Europe joins media and tech companies, journalists and civil society, calling on decision makers to protect fundamental rights

Press releases, May 19, 2021

Czech publishers association Asociace Online Vydavatelu (Association of online publishers) joins News Media Europe

NME news, May 6, 2021

News Media Europe adopts its Position Paper on the Digital Services Act proposal

Press releases, April 30, 2021

European Commission sends Statement of Objections to Apple following Spotify complaint

Blog, April 26, 2021

World Intellectual Property Day 2021

NME news, April 12, 2021

News Media Europe submission to the European Commission public consultation on a fair and competitive digital economy – digital levy

NME news, April 12, 2021

10 Confidence building measures for platforms to deliver verifiable and tangible actions to tackle disinformation online

NME news, April 2, 2021

News Media Europe response to public consultation on political advertising

NME news, March 19, 2021

News Media Europe reiterates the need to make news media and culture part of national recovery strategies

Press releases, February 22, 2021

Europe’s press publishers & Microsoft call for Australian-style arbitration mechanism in Europe to ensure tech gatekeepers remunerate press publishers fairly for use of content

Press releases, February 11, 2021

News Media Europe reacts to Member States’ common approach on the ePrivacy Regulation

Events, January 8, 2021

Webinar: Funding European Digital Media: Opportunities in the DSA & DMA

Press releases, December 15, 2020

News publishers: “DSA and DMA are a missed opportunity to rebalance online ecosystem”

Press releases, December 3, 2020

News publishers optimistic about European Commission’s plans to defend media freedom and sustainability

Press releases, November 26, 2020

News Media Europe reaction to European Parliament’s resolution on strengthening media freedom

Press releases, November 19, 2020

Press publishers welcome the EU Council Conclusions on safeguarding a free and pluralistic media system and warn against trust indicators and the promotion of public communications on mega platforms

NME news, November 4, 2020

News Media Europe urges Member States to channel funds to the cultural and news media sector

NME news, October 27, 2020

Joanne McGreevy appointed Vice President at News Media Europe

Press releases, October 21, 2020

European Parliament votes on future of internet; news publishers concerned about the future of professional journalism

Press releases, October 8, 2020

European news media celebrate decision by the Paris Court of Appeal on the French publishers’ right

Blog, October 6, 2020

DSA Series #5 – Online advertising

Press releases, October 1, 2020

Google News Showcase launched today is no substitute for the EU publishers right

Press releases, September 24, 2020

News Media Europe supports the Coalition for App Fairness

Blog, September 23, 2020

DSA Series #4 – the New Competition Tool

Blog, September 16, 2020

The European Democracy Action Plan – perspectives from the news media sector

Blog, September 11, 2020

DSA Series #3 – The power of digital gatekeepers

Blog, September 9, 2020

DSA Series #2 – A liability regime for online intermediaries

Blog, September 7, 2020

DSA Series #1 – The impact of major platforms on media pluralism

Blog, July 13, 2020

Five things European publishers need to know about the P2B Regulation

Press releases, June 26, 2020

News Media Europe reaction to Google’s licensing programme for news

NME news, June 19, 2020

News Media Europe calls for strong and systemic support measures at EU and national level to recover from the crisis

Press releases, June 16, 2020

European news media support European Commission decision to open a formal probe following Spotify’s complaint against Apple

Blog, June 16, 2020

Digital News Report 2020 on COVID-19 – a snapshot of the impact of the crisis on news media

Blog, June 8, 2020

From liable to re-liable: the EU intermediary liability endgame 20 years later

Blog, April 26, 2020

World Intellectual Property Day 2020

Press releases, April 9, 2020

News Media Europe welcomes the ruling of the French Competition Authority requesting Google to negotiate with press publishers for the reuse and remuneration of press content

Blog, April 1, 2020

COVID-19 and the news media: media literacy during stay-at-home

Blog, March 24, 2020

COVID-19 and the news media: journalism always comes at a cost

Press releases, February 3, 2020

Statement on Brexit by the Chairman of the Legal, Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee of the NMA Lord Guy Black

Events, December 4, 2019

Europe’s media sectors call on new Commission to deliver a comprehensive EU media strategy

Press releases, December 2, 2019

News Media Europe publishes EU media policy vision for 2019 – 2024      

Press releases, November 27, 2019

Croatian news publishers join News Media Europe