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Press releases, November 28, 2018

Press Release: EU Ministers adopt Council conclusions on the strengthening of European content in the digital economy

Blog, October 31, 2018

A European Media and information literacy platform – the most efficient cure for disinformation

Press releases, October 2, 2018

Press Release: EU allows for reduced VAT rates for e-publications

NME news, October 1, 2018

NME contribution to European Commission debate on “shaping competition policy in the era of digitisation”

Press releases, September 12, 2018

Press Release: EU Parliament votes to safeguard the future of journalism in Europe

Blog, September 11, 2018

Europe is just one vote away from securing or undermining the independent media and jobs of thousands of professional journalists who together underpin our precious democracy

NME news, August 27, 2018

Statement on Publishers’ Right from journalists and publishers ahead of the 12 September Plenary on the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

NME news, July 11, 2018

NME releases report on future of EU media policy: “Safeguarding the Economic Sustainability of Europe’s News Media Ecosystem”

Press releases, July 5, 2018

Crucial EU Copyright reform obstructed today by European Parliament: Publishers continue to fight for press freedom, professional journalism and a thriving internet

Press releases, July 5, 2018

European Parliament succumbs to Silicon Valley pressure, endangering Europe’s own creative industries