Our Values

News Media Europe is the progressive and modern face of the news media industry in Europe. NME represents over 2500 news brands throughout Europe. 

NME aims to uphold and enhance the freedom to publish, the bedrock of democracy. And to champion the news brands – in print and online – that are powering the creative industries of the EU. 

Thereto News Media Europe and its members stand for:

1. Protecting the freedom of the press.

2. Championing the digital future of our industry.

3. Ensuring that the value of content is properly protected. 

We are a modern, dynamic European association which plays an increasingly significant role in the fast-moving digital world in which all publishers now operate. To deliver to our members, we believe we have to be agile, future-focused, proactive and energetic, and above all represent the modern, diverse, global environment in which our members live. A number of core values and principles underpin our approach to our organization, to its structures and above all to the way we work.

First, we are clear that the brand and ethos of our association must reflect the fact that our businesses today are very different from our analogue past, and now rooted in a digital, multi-faceted future. For many of us, “newspapers” are of significantly less relevance than they used to be, which is why our name does not include them but instead symbolizes a modern, progressive, inclusive digital future for news media and all those who work in it.

Second, it is our judgement that a spirit of collaboration – which is one of the central values of our own association and our secretariat – must underpin our approach to lobbying. We have made huge progress as a result of teamwork and co-operation. We believe this is the way of the future.

Third, we belong to a diverse, energetic and youthful industry. There are many individuals who can be brought in to play a part in our work, and we welcome the real strength and dynamism that comes from change. Boards must renew themselves constantly to reflect the changes in our industry. That is why we believe strongly in limits on the terms of Board members, and the rotation of officers. No one member should ever serve more than ten years at most.

Fourth, it is for us essential that our Board is inclusive and respects modern standards of diversity. We welcome the strength and vitality that this brings. In turn it reflects on the diverse nature of the peoples of Europe – and of our industry. Gender equality within the Board and across all the structures of the Association is equally vital.

Fifth, it is vital for us that the culture of our association treats smaller members with respect. They play their full part in the structures of the association, and their voice is heard in all its deliberations. Members from across our continent may vary in size: but the views and each and every one of them is equally important.

Sixth, we believe our association must be able to change and evolve rapidly to reflect the media environment and culture in which we operate. The world won’t wait on qualified majority voting and back-room deals. Decision making is typically consensus-driven, and must be transparent and by majority vote: anything other than that is a recipe for paralysis and decline. Elections – where they happen – should have a 51% threshold, too. A modern association with a collaborative culture has nothing to fear from lively debate and democratic renewal.

And seventh, we believe that one of the great strengths of our industry across Europe lies in Member States’ and our associates’ trade associations. Working alongside members from individual publishers, they are crucial to a successful modern lobbying operation and to the mastery of technical detail in a complex modern media environment. Trade association CEOs are full members of our Board working with publishers, an effective blend which is a crucial part of our success.