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Publications, May 30, 2024

Declaration on media freedom, to the attention of the upcoming Hungarian Presidency to the EU

Copenhagen, 28 May 2008 On 1 July 2024, Hungary will take up the Presidency of the EU Council and lead…

Publications, October 2, 2023

MEPs: Media sector calls on you to support the CULT compromise package in EMFA plenary vote 

Brussels, 2 October 2023  On 3 October, the European Parliament will vote on its position on the European Media Freedom…

Publications, September 26, 2023

Media sector urges to vote in favor of Article 17 of the CULT report on the EMFA

Brussels, 26 September 2023 Dear Members of the European Parliament, Next week in plenary, you will define the European Parliament’s…

Position papers, January 26, 2018


Ensuring privacy without undermining legitimate business models and media pluralism The digital business model of the news media sector relies…