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European media call on policymakers to further strengthen the Digital Services Act and to ensure that citizens can continue to engage online with the media they most trust and value

NME news , June 22, 2021

Brussels, 22 June 2021

Today, News Media Europe joins seven other European media associations, calling EU decision-makers to strengthen the position of editorial media towards online platforms in the Digital Services Act.

Online platforms attract up to millions of users with editorial content that they do not produce, but which they have become experts at monetising, especially through advertising. Online platforms need press publishers as much as press publishers rely on online distributors.  In the interest of European consumers and a free and plural media landscape online, the European news media industry is eager to establish fairer and more transparent relations with online platforms. This can be achieved through:

  • Protection of the editorial freedom of media organisations
  • Proper brand attribution of media content online
  • Clear, transparent and predictable terms and conditions from intermediation services
  • More transparency into platforms’ recommender systems
  • Tackling the monopolisation of advertising revenues by global online platforms and ensuring the sustainability of the press
  • Combatting illegal content through an effective notice-and-take-down mechanism

You can read our joint press release here.


Wout van Wijk (Executive Director):

Aurore Raoux (Policy Manager):