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Beyond the AI Act: press publishers outline roadmap for responsible AI in the EU

Blog , February 5, 2024

Last week’s deal on the AI Act lays the foundations for AI regulation, securing essential guardrails to tackle the most immediate risks posed by certain systems to the rights and freedoms of individuals. It also includes light-touch obligations for “General Purpose AI” systems. This was a necessary and timely first step.

EU rule makers must now turn their focus both to enforcing those rules and to other unresolved questions that remain outside the scope of the Act. For example, the EU must press on to answer questions relating to AI systems and the application of copyright law, of different liability regimes, of competition policy, and of efforts to combat disinformation.

The political will underpinning the AI Act deal must therefore continue to allow the EU to show global leadership. The development of responsible AI will undoubtedly require new efforts during the 2024-2029 Commission – they will be crucial to unleash the creative and innovative industry partnerships that publishers wish to facilitate.

News Media Europe and its members are committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure that, looking beyond the AI Act, press publishers may rely on a sound legal environment that is conducive to the development of responsible AI players. NME’s roadmap reflects this desire and identifies several principles needed to make this a reality (click here).

Principles of responsible Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) in the EU:

  1. Transparency of content used to train AI must be the foundation of GAI systems.
  2. GAI systems should address disinformation risks and promote trustworthiness.
  3. Deployers of GAI systems must be accountable for the output of their systems.
  4. GAI systems should not create unfair markets or competition outcomes.
  5. The rights of content creators must be respected and permission sought.
  6. Text and Data Mining (TDM) should function based on opt-in instead of opt-out.
  7. GAI systems must recognise and promote the principle of fair remuneration.
  8. Due diligence and KYBC obligations to fight GAI piracy.


For more information, contact Iacob Gammeltoft, EU policy manager