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Czech publishers association Asociace Online Vydavatelu (Association of online publishers) joins News Media Europe

Press releases , May 19, 2021


-Prague / Brussels, 19 May 2021-

Czech publishers association Asociace Online Vydavatelu (Association of online publishers) joins News Media Europe

On Tuesday, the Czech publishers association Asociace Online Vydavatelu joined Brussels-based News Media Europe as a member. Asociace Online Vydavatelu was set up last month and represents independent news brands in the Czech Republic. In addition to its work in the Czech Republic, the association aims to be involved in the international arena which is why membership with News Media Europe is a logic next step.

Libor Matoušek, Chairman of Asociace Online Vydavatelu, reacted: “I am very pleased that we have become part of the European family of independent media. It is important for us for future negotiations with Czech and European institutions. At the same time, joining News Media Europe opens up a wide knowledge base, which Czech members of our association will certainly appreciate.”

Fernando de Yarza, President of News Media Europe, commented: “We welcome our Czech colleagues with open arms and look forward to working with them. This new union strengthens our commitment to promote press freedom and to uphold the right to publish throughout Europe”.

About Asociace Vydavatelu 

The association was founded at the end of April 2021 by three independent media:, and Currently it has 10 members with the common reach of around 6 million readers. New members are welcome, if their statutory bodies are not members of political parties, they are not owned by PR or communication agencies or participate in their executive, and if they produce more than 50% of copyright content and do not publish misinformation or fake news.

The association intends to promote media freedom and pluralism, the ethics of the journalistic profession and emphasizes the quality and credibility of content. It aims to cooperate on the national level with journalists organizations, among others on setting up a self-regulatory body for online and print media. Webpage:

About News Media Europe

News Media Europe (NME) represents the progressive news media industry in Europe –  over 2500 European news brands in print or online, and also on radio and tv. News Media Europe is committed to maintaining and promoting the freedom of the press, to upholding and enhancing the freedom to publish, and to championing the news brands which are one of the most vital parts of Europe’s creative industries. Webpage:


For further information please contact:

Libor Matoušek, chair, Asociace online vydavatelů,

Lucie Sýkorová, vicechair, Asociace online vydavatelů,

Wout van Wijk, Executive Director,