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Digital Services Act must establish the right relationship between platforms, the media and their users

NME news , February 15, 2022

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Today, the Digital Services Act negotiators are meeting for the second political trilogue. This is a key moment for the news media sector.

Online platforms act as important gateways for citizens to access and consume professional news media content. Their lack of transparency and irresponsible behaviours have had a serious impact, not only in terms of revenues and commercial opportunities, but also on the ability of media organisations to serve their cultural, social and democratic functions vis-à-vis European citizens.

Today, News Media Europe and seven other European media associations , representing the press, commercial tv, public broadcasters, radios and sales houses, are jointly reaching out to co-legislators to draw their attention on business-critical points, including:

  1. Protection of editorial content (Article 12, Rec. 38)
  2. Media brand attribution (Article 22)
  3. Interplay between the DSA on the one hand, and sector-specific rules and Member States’ prerogatives on the other (Article 1, Rec. 9 and 10)
  4. Liability for search engines (Article 4)
  5. Targeted advertising (Articles 13a and 24)
  6. Know-Your-Business-Customer
  7. Country-of-origin principle

To ensure that the DSA establishes a safer and better-functioning internet, we call on co-legislators to take our concrete recommendations into account in the final text.

For more information, contact Aurore Raoux.