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European Media issue joint statement on the Digital Markets Act

NME news , May 26, 2021

News Media Europe and other EU media associations have issued a joint statement on the European Commission proposal for a Digital Markets Act (DMA). The full statement is available here.

The joint statement encourages the swift adoption of the DMA proposal with targeted improvements and a clear focus on gatekeepers. In addition, it provides critical commentary on 8 issues of major importance for the broader European media sector:

  • Scope
  • Timing
  • Opt-in for personal data combination
  • Access to data generated by intermediating between end users and business users
  • Audience measurement
  • Unfair bundling and tying of services
  • Self-preferencing & third-party favouritism
  • Fair and non-discriminatory general conditions of access

For further information, please contact:

Wout van Wijk (Executive Director):

Iacob Gammeltoft (Policy Manager):

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