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European media warn big tech to comply with EU digital market rules or face legal action

Press releases , March 24, 2022


-Brussels, 24 March 2022-

Media markets are about to witness a revolution in their difficult relationship with big tech. The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) will allow European competition authorities to levy fines of up to 20% of global revenues of big tech that don’t play fair with media companies.

Victoria Svanberg, President of News Media Europe, said: “The EU needs to start focusing on implementing and implementing. The new rules are good, but they will only ever be useful if they are enforced. There is no time to waste, we are under tremendous pressure”.

The digital economy is our shared future and cannot be left to a handful of global tech with no oversight. The European Commission intended to enforce the new regulation with 70 public servants but industry, NGOs and the European Parliament criticised this low number.

Wout van Wijk, Executive Director of News Media Europe, said: “We expect European regulators to engage seriously with the concerns raised by media companies regarding big tech, and big tech should start complying with the new rules or expect to face legal action”.

The DMA introduces clear obligations and prohibitions that so-called gatekeepers must comply with, covering issues such as fair access to platform services, access to data for business users and a rulebook for online advertising. The new rules, expected to apply in 2023, still require formal approval of the European Parliament and Member States.

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