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European news media support European Commission decision to open a formal probe following Spotify’s complaint against Apple

Press releases , June 16, 2020


-Brussels, 16 June 2020-

News Media Europe applauds the decision of the European Commission to open a formal probe onto Apple’s business practices, announced earlier today in Brussels. European news publishers suffer from Apple’s anti-competitive commercial practices, as does Spotify, who filed an official complaint with the European Commission’s competition authority last year.

The news media industry in Europe has serious concerns over Apple’s behaviour in the online marketplace and expresses the hope that the formal probe will guide Apple in applying fair and reasonable business terms on its iOS platform, with the recognition that Apple’s dominant market position also comes with special responsibilities.

Wout van Wijk, Executive Director at News Media Europe, commented: “The European Commission’s decision to open a formal investigation validates our long-held beliefs of just how harmful some of Apple’s commercial practices are for the digital economy. The stakes for consumers and businesses couldn’t be higher and we are greatly encouraged by this development. We hope other tech giants can draw lessons from this case”.

Within the iOS environment, Apple owns the customer relationship and data of consumers of news content, even if they use the apps of news publishers. In doing so, Apple undermines the investments made by news publishers in the production of journalistic content and the direct relationship between news readers and their favourite news brands.

We hope the Commission’s action will prevent other anti-competitive practices of concern, including when it comes to self-preferencing, excessive pricing, transparency, and other forms of marketing restrictions. Going forward, the Spotify-Apple case should set a key precedent for anti-trust enforcement in digital markets and inform discussions on the Digital Services Act and new competition tools.

News Media Europe will continue to closely monitor the case.

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