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European Parliament succumbs to Silicon Valley pressure, endangering Europe’s own creative industries

Press releases , July 5, 2018

Today, the European Parliament voted in Strasbourg to send the JURI Report on Copyright back to the drawing board, thereby jeopardising better legal protection of publishers’ investments in the digital age. Article 11 would represent a significant step for news publishers throughout Europe in their quest for a better level playing field with online platforms, such as Google and Facebook. Today’s vote shows that MEPs have succumbed to the misleading campaigns by the platforms, at the expense of European content creators.

To remain competitive and independently financed in the EU, publishers need to be able to compete effectively and profitably across all platforms, which requires clear rights that are recognized in the market. The current lack of clarity benefits third parties that freeride the investments of press publishers to the detriment of the news media industry who don’t see a fair return on their investments.

The publisher’s right will afford publishers the same related rights as already enjoyed by music, film and software program producers, whose finished works are copyrighted in their entirety, giving them the legal right to decide how and where their content is made available.

Wout van Wijk, Executive Director of News Media Europe, commented: “This is a major setback as the European Parliament succumbed to the misleading appeals by the platforms at the expense of Europe’s creative sectors. A publishers’ right would go a long way in addressing the imbalance that currently exists in the online ecosystem where publishers’ investments flow away to the pockets of Silicon Valley. We will continue our efforts to secure a more sustainable European news media industry”.

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