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News Media Europe joins media and tech companies, journalists and civil society, calling on decision makers to protect fundamental rights

NME news , May 20, 2021

Ahead of trilogue negotiations, news media companies call in a joint letter (link) on the EU Council and the European Parliament to include media freedom safeguards in the eEvidence regulation.

The eEvidence proposal requires direct cross-border cooperation between governments and internet service providers for the obtention of data in criminal investigations. Yet it is important that the executing country is also involved in the notification and validation process to ensure that freedom of the media and freedom of expression are respected when journalists or newsrooms are targeted. Also, the implication of local authorities would provide greater legal certainty to targeted individuals and service providers.

All in all, the involvement of the executing country and local judicial authorities is crucial to review compliance of the orders with the Charter of Fundamental Rights and raise grounds on this basis.

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