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News Media Europe reaction to European Parliament’s resolution on strengthening media freedom

Press releases , November 26, 2020


-Brussels, 25 November 2020-

A week before the publication of the European Democracy Action Plan, the European Parliament’s resolution adopted yesterday in plenary reaffirms the importance of a free, independent and sustainable media in citizens’ participation to democratic life. It represents an important step in the recognition of the role of the private news media in the enforcement of European values.

News Media Europe applauds the call for EU anti-SLAPP measures to better protect journalists against law suits used as intimidation tools. We also welcome the call for a legal framework on the supervision of public service media to prevent media capture by governments and political pressure.

Wout van Wijk, Executive-Director at News Media Europe, says: “With threats to press freedom and attacks on journalists increasing across Europe, it is crucial that the European Parliament pushes for concrete measures for better protection of journalists against violence or any interference with their work. In a democracy, news professionals are accountable to citizens, and citizens only.”

The resolution also recognises the damaging effect of the COVID19 crisis on advertising, an indispensable source of revenues for most European newspapers, with heavy consequences on jobs and the future of some titles.

Wout continues: “The recognition of the financial independence of newsrooms in press freedom is absolutely crucial. We will continue to work with EU Institutions to restore fair market conditions and pluralism online, particularly against tech giants, for press publishers to continue fulfilling their mission towards EU citizens.”

News Media Europe looks forward to continuing the work with EU Institutions on media freedom as part of the European Democracy Action Plan, the Media Action Plan, and the Digital Markets Act.

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