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News publishers call on policy makers to focus on bringing meaningful transparency to citizens in relation to political advertising

Press releases , November 25, 2021


Brussels, 25 November 2021-

News Media Europe takes note of today’s proposal for a Regulation on the transparency and targeting of political advertising by the European Commission.

Wout van Wijk commented: “Many of the problems discussed in the context of political advertising relate to the misuse of data by large platforms, and that is where the attention of EU policy makers needs to be. We must make sure that this proposal works hand in hand with the DSA.”.  

There is a need to strike a delicate balance of rights and obligations between the various actors involved in the advertising value chain. News media companies follow editorial codes and are subject to national electoral laws that regulate political advertising. This includes rules on when political advertising may be published and various disclosure requirements.

Wout van Wijk added: “Political advertising has become an increasingly sensitive subject in recent years in light of attempts at manipulating democratic electoral processes through certain targeting and amplification techniques. As concerns about disinformation grow, specific attention is warranted to safeguard the independence of media”.

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