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Press Release: EU Ministers adopt Council conclusions on the strengthening of European content in the digital economy

Press releases , November 28, 2018

EU Culture Ministers have adopted Council conclusions on the strengthening of European content in the digital economy. The conclusions provide political guidance ahead of the 2019-2024 European Commission on the role that the EU should play in supporting a sustainable media ecosystem.

The Council conclusions reflect the understanding that a holistic approach is needed to support the development of a strong, resilient and independent news ecosystem. News Media Europe welcomes this important step and looks forward to working with Member States to ensure a more comprehensive EU approach to media policy.

The Council conclusions highlight the need to ensure a better level playing field as regards certain digital business models. Member States have made it clear that there is an urgent need to reconsider certain regulatory regimes, as regards competition and taxation policy.

Importantly, Member States have also called on the European Commission to increase its efforts in the field of media literacy, including when this concerns the training of news professionals. News Media Europe hopes that these conclusions will be reflected in the discussions for the budget of the next Creative Europe programme, which is currently being negotiated.

Wout van Wijk, Executive Director of News Media Europe, commented: “Today, Ministers have recognised the need to make media policy work for all the players in the ecosystem, not just for a few large platforms. We strive to continue bringing quality news content to European citizens.”.

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