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PRESS RELEASE: News Media Europe concerned about scope of the European Commission’s proposed digital tax

Press releases , March 21, 2018

News Media Europe warns policy makers of the unintended consequences the Digital Taxation proposal might have. While the proposal aims at taxing digital players there where value is created, the proposal presented today could unwittingly include publishing houses with digital offerings under this new tax regime.

We note that this would go against the spirit of the proposed tax, which was based on the need to bridge the mismatch between economic reality and the amount of taxes paid by digital platforms. It would be a blow for European news brands if the proposal hampers their efforts towards a more sustainable digital future at the expense of the consumer.

That said, by compelling online platforms to pay their fair share of taxes, the Commission has taken a first positive step in establishing a better level playing field between online platforms and the rest of the internet ecosystem.

Wout van Wijk, Executive Director of News Media Europe, commented: “News Media Europe calls on EU policy makers to ensure that news media companies are not captured in the scope of the proposed tax. These are difficult times for Europe’s news media who, in the adversity of challenging industry conditions, are resolved to secure a more digital and sustainable future”.

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